Allocate Timeout

RoadRunner allocates workers like usual processes (via fork + exec syscalls). While RoadRunner is in the process of creating a worker (connecting to the pipes, TCP, etc.), some part of the worker might freeze the initial handshake. RoadRunner waits pool.allocate_timeout time for handshake to complete and return this error if pool.allocate_timeout exceeded.

How to fix that?

  1. Check the pool.allocate_timeout option. It should be in the form of pool.allocate_timeout: 1s or pool.allocate_timeout: 1h, so you should specify the units of measurement. Also, keep in mind, that 1s for the allocate timeout might be a very small value, try to increase it.

  2. xdebug might freeze the worker spawn while improperly configured. See this tutorial: link

  3. If you use a server's relay other than pipes, check this options: It's responsible for the initial handshake timeout between RR and PHP process established via sockets or TCP.

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