Access Logs

RoadRunner has the HTTP access logs support, which provides detailed information about incoming HTTP requests and responses.

This feature is disabled by default, but it can be easily enabled by configuring the HTTP server.

Enabling HTTP Access Logs

To enable HTTP access logs in RoadRunner, you need to modify the configuration file of the HTTP server.

Here's an example configuration file:

version: "3"

  access_logs: true
  # ...

Once enabled, RoadRunner will log the following information for each incoming HTTP request:

  • method - HTTP method of the request

  • remote_addr - Remote address of the client

  • bytes_sent - Content length of the response

  • http_host - Host name of the server

  • request - Query string of the request

  • time_local - Local time of the server in Common Log Format

  • request_length - Request body size including headers in bytes (content-len + size of all headers) in bytes. Max allowed headers size for the RR is 1MB.

  • request_time - Request processing time in seconds with a milliseconds' resolution

  • status - HTTP response status

  • http_user_agent - HTTP user agent string of the client

  • http_referer - HTTP referer string of the client

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