NATS driver supported in RR since v2.5.0 and includes only NATS JetStream support.


version: "3"

  addr: ""

  num_pollers: 10
  pipeline_size: 100000
    num_workers: 10
    max_jobs: 0
    allocate_timeout: 60s
    destroy_timeout: 60s

      driver: nats
        # Pipeline priority
        # If the job has priority set to 0, it will inherit the pipeline's priority. Default: 10.
        priority: 2

        # NATS prefetch
        # Messages to read into the channel
        prefetch: 100

        # Consume any payload type (not only Jobs structured)
        # Default: false
        consume_all: false

        # NATS subject
        # Default: default
        subject: default

        # NATS stream
        # Default: default-stream
        stream: foo

        # The consumer will only start receiving messages that were created after the consumer was created
        # Default: false (deliver all messages from the stream beginning)
        deliver_new: true

        # Consumer rate-limiter in bytes
        # Default: 1000
        rate_limit: 100

        # Delete the stream when after pipeline was stopped
        # Default: false
        delete_stream_on_stop: false

        # Delete message from the stream after successful acknowledge
        # Default: false
        delete_after_ack: false

Configuration options

Here is a detailed description of each of the nats-specific options:


subject - nats subject.


stream - stream name.

Deliver new

deliver_new - the consumer will only start receiving messages that were created after the consumer was created.

Rate limit

rate_limit - NATS rate limiter.

Delete stream on stop

delete_stream_on_stop - delete the whole stream when pipeline stopped.

Delete after ack

delete_after_ack - delete message after it successfully acknowledged.

Consume all

consume_all - By default, RR supports only Jobs structures from the queue. Set this option to true if you want to also consume the raw payloads.

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