πŸš€ v2024.1.2 πŸš€

Upcoming new JOBS driver: google-pub-sub:

  • πŸ”₯: Currently in a polishing phase, the new plugin will be released as part of the v2024.2.0. Stay tuned! (thanks @cv65kr)

gRPC plugin:

  • πŸ›: strip extra slashes when there is no package defined in the protofile: PR, (thanks @satdeveloping)

OTEL plugin:

  • πŸ›: Fix hardcoded AlwaysSample samples: BUG, (thanks @bazilmarkov)

RR core plugin:

  • πŸ›: RR workers/reset commands don't respect default config values: BUG, (thanks @r4m-alexd)

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